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"With a background that includes studies and work abroad, I am engaged in examining health promotion, power and productivity in organizations and other sectors of the globalized political economy. See examples of my work below and click on My Blogs for more information."  ~Janice

Articles · Francophone Association Of Nunavut

Sounds Good: Bonheur et Bien-Être - Batwings begone! · 2010 Sep

Thank goodness for the end of summer in Iqaluit. The hot summer weather season where the only women's tops are money savers for designers and manufacturers of women's clothing. ......Read More

Sounds Good: Bonheur et Bien-Être - Walk For Your Brain · 2010 Sep

As we head into the darker, colder months of the Iqaluit year, you can’t help but notice fewer people out and about in Iqaluit. ......Read More

Articles · The Royalist

A Royal Bambino Is Born: The First Italian Heir In Four Decades · 2009 Mar

On March 4 2009 in Paris, the newly-wed HRH the Duchess of Puglia, Princess Olga di Savoia, nee Princess Olga of Greece gave birth to her first child, a young Prince. ......Read More

A Summer Union In Portugal · 2008 July

One wag on a royal forum quipped, 'Another Charles and Diana' in response to the happy news of the engagement at the historical royal Chateau d'Eu of 34-year old French Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orleans and the 29-year-old Portugeuse duchess, Diane Álvares Pereira de Melo. ......Read More

Denmark Celebrates A Royal Wedding With A Difference · 2008 May

What does it say about a bridegroom whose Best Man is his father? It struck me that Jay McGraw mustn’t have many friends since the man standing with him at his 2006 marriage to Playboy triplet, Erica Dahm, was Dr Phil himself. ......Read More

Who Calls The Shots Around Here? · 2008 May

Who calls the shots around here? That is exactly what people want to know about their leaders. And in this day and age of 24/7 media coverage, we are increasingly aware it is not always the obvious candidates, those whose job it is to represent the people. ......Read More

The Right To Wear White: What If A Catholic Could Succeed? · 2007 Sep

With the upcoming marriage of Peter Phillips to his Canadian older woman, Autumn Kelly - an Irish Catholic from Montreal - the Act of Succession once again comes into force. ......Read More

Lessons In Life For The Future King William V · 2007 June

I wrote in my St. Valentine's Day article that people — whether princess material to next-in-lines for the throne or next-in-line at the checkout counter — should settle down to married life only when their CVs are ready. ......Read More

Lessons In Love For William & Kate From The Pop Charts · 2007 May

Remember when you last reached a crossroads in a connection and you had to decide whether to continue or disconnect? And by connection I refer not just to a relationship, such as a romance, but a wider definition of emotional connection including friendship or a job or even taking the plunge and emigrating to a new country. ......Read More

How To Find A Consort Fit For A Queen · 2007 Apr

Ladies, what is on your list for a great date? And what are you looking for in a potential spouse? ......Read More

A St. Valentine's Guide: How To Marry A Prince · 2007 Feb

I was in Paris with family members and helping my college chum, Anita Yasuda, celebrate the publication of her latest book, Hello Kitty Forever  when the Kate Middleton saga began to hit the paparazzi lens. ......Read More

The Perils of Dating A Royal Divorcee · 2007 Jan

Following the article on Royal stepmothers, examining the lives of women who married royal widowers, let’s look at the very single woman who marries a man whose first wife is very much alive. ......Read More

For Your Eyes Only: Royalty & Espionage · 2006 Nov

This weekend thousands worldwide have flocked to cinemas to enjoy the latest installment of the James Bond film franchise (and from the previews we've seen already, female moviegoers might be especially keen to see rather more of the sixth 007, actor Daniel Craig, emerging from the waters!) ......Read More

Sister Act: The Royal Siblings Who Capture The World's... · 2006 Aug

Why do we find sister sets so fascinating? And by set, at least three (two is a pair). It's because they flesh out for us the potential for multiple futures without being schizophrenic! ......Read More

The Perils of Life as a Royal Stepmother · 2006 Apr

Observing how newly elevated women such as Camilla grapple with their new royal roles and the combined expectations, household retinue and the Press, it's heartening to know they have their husband's support.......Read More

Princess Kiko: Japan's Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon? · 2006 Feb

Referring to the 1923 nuptials of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert, Duke of York, the Archbishop of Canterbury was quoted as saying there was only one royal wedding the nation wanted more. Although true, it is perhaps not the most tactful of remarks to have made.......Read More

Lessons In Love From Crown Princess Mary: Mary Of Denmark · 2006 Jan

Saturday saw a huge party spread all over Denmark. The infant firstborn son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, known as 'lilleprinsens', finally received a name — Christian — at his christening. ......Read More

Dubai's Glamorous New Consort: HRH Princess Haya of Jordan · 2006 Jan

It is not even mid-month but January 2006 looks like a busy one in the Royal world! Already we have two christenings of future sovereigns to look forward to: Saturday will see the baptism of Princess Leonor of Spain, daughter of Felipe and his surprise choice of consort, Princess Letizia, the divorced former newscaster.......Read More

Astrid & Diana: Icons In Their Respective Kingdoms · 2005 Dec

She will always be young, beautiful, and compassionate towards children and the disadvantaged. The youngest of three daughters, she and her younger brother Charles lived relatively simply in both the country and the city until her marriage at the age of 20.......Read More

Not Your Father's Oldsmobile · Charles Prince Of Wales · 2005 Nov

During his '60 Minutes' interview with Charles, Prince of Wales prior to HRH's 8-day tour of the US, CBS correspondent Steve Kroft looked exasperated several times. It was understandable why! ......Read More

Aspire · The Journal Of The Church Of St John The Divine

Editorial · 2010 Spring

In the movie "Sabrina", the title character says, "I have learned to be in the world and of the world." I believe that quotation summarizes the Diocesan Transition Team (DTT) Report.......Read More

Editorial · 2009 Winter

The way in which this Advent edition of Aspire evolved was a surprise to me. I had imagined this would be a sort of splashy commemorative coffee table issue......Read More

Editorial · 2009 Spring

This is the first issue of Aspire since the economy profoundly changed.......Read More

Only The Lonely · 2009 Spring

“So, Janice, are you hosting another singles potluck on February 14? I remember you always did and I thought that was really nice," said a newly-engaged friend to me on Facebook. ......Read More

From the Editor: Home Again · 2008 Advent

"Long distance relationships don't work," For many relationships, maybe it is better to move on. ......Read More

It's All Anglican To Me · 2008 Advent

Greetings from the Fujairah Worship Centre, part of the Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf in the Anglican Communion! ......Read More

Aspire, Heading into Year 2 · 2008 Spring

Hope springs eternal, and spring heralds the inevitable shift in… everything: the clocks, our gardens, the weather. ......Read More

The Word on the Water: The Flying Angel · 2008 Spring

Marking my nine months here in the Middle East with this article, I am pleased to re-connect with St John the Divine through water. ......Read More

Aspire takes a tour of the SJD world · 2007 Advent

Let us start with a big Thank you, to readers and to Parish Council for your support of our efforts. Your feedback on our previous issue has inspired us to keep going. ......Read More

Work, Service, Feedback · 2007 Advent

I had quite an interesting agenda ahead that day, June 20, 2007 and somehow was up very early, making my way to the very early breakfast service at 7:15am. ......Read More

Aspire Welcomes You Back! · 2007 Fall

Readers new and returning to Aspire are invited to peruse these pages & notice what an active parish St John the Divine is. ......Read More

Why A Laminated Labyrinth? · 2007 Spring

Janice Seto shares...Brother Clark Berge, SSF (http://www.s-s-f.org/frameset_houses_lpf.htm) gave an insightful overview of the labyrinth during his final evening with us in the early spring. ......Read More